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Origin - Book Summary

Origin - Book Summary

by Dan Brown

"For anyone who wants more brain-food than thrillers normally provide."
Sunday Times

The book presents Edmond Kirsch, a wealthy philanthropist, computer scientist, futurist and atheist when he attends a meeting with the leaders of Christianity, Judaism and Islam; Roman Catholic Bishop Antonio Valdespino, Jewish Rabbi Yehuda Köves, and Muslim Imam Syed al-Fadl,  letting them know that he made a discovery that will change how religion is viewed and will present this to the entire world.

Edmond hosts an event at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and invites Robert Langdon to it. The guests receive a headset through which they communicate with a voice named Winston. Langdon is led by the AI to a private meeting with Kirsch, who claims that his presentation will answer the questions about where humanity comes from and what its purpose is.

When the presentation started, before Edmond could start the video he gets shot by Luis Avila, a Navy admiral who was recruited by the Palmarian Catholic Church, “the Regent”. In the meanwhile, al-Fadi and Koves are killed.

While Luis escapes the police, Robert meets Ambra Vidal, the Museum director and fiance of Spain's Prince Julian. Robert warns Ambra not to trust Julian because the assassin was put on the guest list at the request of the Royal Palace.

Robert and Ambra decide to release Edmon's video, so they steal his phone, escape the museum and with the help of Wilson they fly with Edmond’s private jet to Barcelona. On their way, Ambra reveals that the phone is protected by a 47-character password and it’s a line from Edmond’s favourite poem.
They decide to go to his home in Antoni Gaudi’s Casa Mila, to search for clues.

After the murders, the suspicion fell on Bishop Antonio, who was the only one alive that took part in the original meeting with Edmond.
The Palace decided to blame Robert, saying he kidnapped Ambra.

Robert and Ambra found out that Edmond was dying of pancreatic cancer. They find that Edmond owned the complete work of William Blake, which he donated to Sagrada Familia, and was opened to a specific page. They were unable to find the password because the police came and took them to Sagrada Familia. During this time the phone gets destroyed.

At the new location, they discover that the password is “The dark Religions are departed & sweet Science reigns”, but they get ambuscade by Avila who dies during the case and Robert and Ambra escape again.

Roberts finds the AI in Barcelona Supercomputer Centre, and after they enter the password the presentation video starts to millions of viewers.

Edmond explained that he recreated the Miller-Urey experiment and proved that humanity was created by natural events.

Ambra returns to the palace and starts over with Julian. Robert is cleared of the charges.

The next day Roberts finds out that Wilson the AI is the Regent and needed to kill Edmond to make him a martyr and to destroy the Palmarians reputation.

The AI self-destructs and Robert returns to Sagrada Familia, where others and multiple races and religions are united with hope for a better future.

Note: Some pieces of information are left out of the book.
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