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Heart Bones - Book Summary

Heart Bones - Book Summary

by Colleen Hoover

"This book deserves a whole galaxy of stars, but alas, five is all I can give."
– Shades of Rebecca

The story starts with Beyah, a resilient and independent young woman who has grown up in difficult circumstances, with an addicted mother and a missing father. She hides her vulnerability behind a tough exterior, preferring to keep her emotions locked away.

When summer break arrives, her mother dies and she has to contact her father to stay with him for the summer. During the summer he stayed with his family on an island in Texas.

Beyah meets Samson, a charming and free-spirited young man who lives next door. Despite their initial differences, they form an unexpected bond, and their connection breaks down Beyah's walls. As they spend time together, Samson encourages her to confront her past and embrace her true self.
She also gets to know his father's family who welcomes her with warmth.

As their relationship deepens, both Beyah and Samson are forced to confront their own demons and insecurities. Samson, too, has a past that haunts him, and together they navigate the complexities of love, trust, and healing. Their emotional journey is filled with twists and turns, pushing them to question their choices and face the truth about their feelings.

They fall for each other and before Samson got the chance to tell her everything, he gets arrested and they get together after his sentence.

Note: Some pieces of information are left out of the book.
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