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Gone Tomorrow - Book Summary

Gone Tomorrow - Book Summary

by Lee Child

“Lee Child's Jack Reacher books are among the most popular crime novels right now - they're good fun and super-tense...One of his best”
― Heat

Jack Reacher, is a 36 yo major who severed in the US military. One morning at 2 am, he was in the NY subway and gets suspicious of a passenger(Susan Mark) who showed signs(12 for a man and 11 for a woman) of being a suicide bomber.

When she tick all the points from his list he was confident enough to make a move toward her and tried to manage the situation, but unfortunately, she ends up shooting herself.

Theresa Lee and her partner Docherty took Jack back to the station since he was chatting with the victim before the event happened.

After a talk with them, Jack is left to wait for other agents. When they arrive, they refuse to disclose their agency and asked if he knows who Lila Hoth was. Once released, he is stopped by different people asking him questions about Susan, Lila and John Sanson, the Congressman.

Jack is determined to find out the reasons for Susan’s actions. He meets Jacob Mark, who was a police officer in a different precinct, and said that his sister worked for Pentagon and didn’t believe that she wanted to kill herself. He also said that her son Peter is missing.

Jack decided to look into Sansom's life and finds from his bibliography that he received several medals for his missions in the 80s.

On one of his trips, he is followed by a man and Jack manages to escape him and takes his phone.

This will lead him to meet Lila(a widow) and her mother Svetlana. Lila said that Susan was her friend and she was helping with a private issue. Her brother and father were captured by the Mujahedeen and their screams from torture were heard by Svetlana just outside of the Soviet base. They blame Samson for this.

After meeting Lila, Jack thinks she may be a journalist and not Svetlana's daughter.

Jack ends up being kidnapped by agents while he tried to contact Lila again at the Four Season Hotel. When Jack refused to cooperate, the agents took and put detective Theresa and Mark in different cells for questioning.

Jack manages to escape and takes Theresa and Mark, but after some time, they turn themself in due to circumstances. Jack continues his investigation where he discovers that Hoths are not who they claim and are Al Qaeda terrorists. Lila was Svetlana pupil.

They both sent him a video that had 2 people that were brutal tortured, one of them being Peter. Jack finds out that Susan was blackmailed to get a photo of Osama Bin Laden, otherwise, her son will be killed. When Susan took the photo she add it to a USB and removed it from the server. The image was also a threat to Sansom because it could end his career.

While she was on her way to deliver the USB, she got stuck in traffic and missed the deadline. When she received a video of her son being killed, she through the USB out the window and decided to kill Lila. But she got stopped on the subway by Jack.

Jack contacts Samson, and he sends Springfield to assist him. He is helped unofficially with a bag of weapons that were left at the precinct and Theresa brought it to Jack in a hotel. He and Theresa hook up.

Jack finds the hidden house where the Hots were hiding and manages to eliminate their team. Left without ammunition he uses his knife to fight the women. He wins but wounded he passes out and wakes up in the hospital. There he informs Theresa and Samson where to find the USB.

The following day, Theresa meets Jack and tells him that the USB was found but damaged, as she predicted.

Note: Some pieces of information are left out of the book.
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