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Invisible - Book Summary

Invisible - Book Summary

by Danielle Steel

A nice-paced, easy-to-read story about a girl who grows up without her parent's love and manages to find her way into life.

The book presents Antonia Adams and her life story.
Her parents met in Paris, her mother was a waitress who worked in a restaurant and wanted to be an actress, and her father was a businessman on a trip to Paris.

After a short while, they married, and she moved and followed him to NY. There she gets pregnant but Brandon wanted the baby and hopes Fabienne will get her mother's instincts when the baby comes.

While Antonia grows she didn't have any of her parent's attention and preferred to pretend she is invisible and often hides in the house so she will not get in trouble. Her parents split when she was 7 years old, her mother left both of them and even sign the papers to give Brandon full custody. But with her gone, Brandon being heartbroken distanced himself even more and couldn't stand Antonia because she remained him of her mother.

Growing up she didn't have any social life and she started to grow a passion for movies, she wanted to become a screenwriter.  Soon after she finished high school she gets into NYU and promises her father she will not become an actress.

During her uni, she does some internships every summer and meets Hamish Quist, a well-known director. They fall in love, and even tho he was 20 years more than her, she felt secure, seen and loved by him.

He gets her into acting even tho she still wanted to be a screenwriter. But the work she did was good.

They get married and have 2 kids, but he dies in an accident.
Whit 2 kids alone she manages to overcome this and in the end finds her happiness.

Note: Some pieces of information are left out of the book.
Get the full experience by reading it!