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Awaken Your Power Within - Book Summary

Awaken Your Power Within - 
Book Summary

by Garry Hussey

"This book will change your life for the better" – The Happy Pear

The book starts presenting the author and the way he used to think. The way he hid and struggled in his youth. Later in his adult life, he started to have physical symptoms for which doctors couldn't find any explication.

"Sometimes, the loudest person in the room is the one trying to drown out their own inner pain."

One day, he realized something, there was a click in his mind that help him find his way. "I have left behind all the beliefs that I was stupid. I wasn't clever in the traditional sense but I had found and ignited my own style of genius and that was good enough for me."

After reading Rene Descartes, "I think, therefore I am", he realized that we see the world from our point of view and experiences.
After some research, he reach the conclusion that even the great minds were saying that "the non-physical, the energy, the frequency, and the spiritual all play a massive and central role in our health and happiness, in the hospital, the doctors seemed not to know anything about it."

The book has meditations and exercises and is great to do them, it helps you to be true and discover yourself, and those can be seen as a guide on what area you can improve.
It teaches you to love and accept yourself, usually, we let others treat us as how we believe we deserve.

One powerful exercise that I was doing it slithy differently, but I'm so happy I found in also in a book is:
Each time you start to be self-critical, when you want to give up or you just lose faith in yourself, take a look at a picture of a younger you - a baby picture and look into those eyes and ask yourself: "Are you really going to speak like that to him?"

The book teaches you that being able to move forwards means also healing and letting go of past traumas. Each of us has our own battles and we can ask for help from our doctor or find a therapist that will guide us on how to deal with them.
Through his therapist, he realized that so much of the pain was from "an inner story that had carefully built over the years" - about his dad and the way he saw him.

It is important to become aware of our feelings, "every emotion we express towards another is an emotion that we have to create and maintain within ourselves."

The most precious currency for us is time, we live an average of 900 months and we sleep around 300 months. We usually get distracted and forget about what is important.

Some of the advice for our day-to-day:
- Visualization
- Gratitude/ Prayer
- Exercise
- Positive affirmations
- Meditation

Note: Some pieces of information are left out of the book.
Get the full experience by reading it!